Bicolored Memory Ties™ Adaptive Practice Shoelace & Activity Card

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Our Bicolored Memory Ties™ Adaptive Practice Shoelace & Activity Card features red and yellow laces that are thoughtfully secured by a Memory Ties™ engraved aglet. The high contrast colors increase the visibility of each lace, helping to keep better track of them while in motion. When combined with our patented "memory" technology, this practice shoelace will enhance the teaching and learning process for greater success. They help to reduce visual confusion, foster hand-eye coordination, and provide an additional feature to guide the learner through the different steps of shoelace tying. 

*Memory Ties™ are  intended for use with sneaker/shoe models, practice boards, and/or practice cards.* They are currently not intended for use with sneakers or shoes worn daily. Memory Ties are sold individually. They are  not sold in pairs. One practice card accompanies each Memory Ties Training Shoelace ordered. Warning- Contains small parts! Patent No. 10,314,366.