International /Purchase Orders


International Orders

For inquiries regarding international orders, please email International shipping depends on COVID-19 restrictions that limit or disallow incoming shipments from the United States. International shipping rates are estimated to be between $13.50 to $18.00 for about 8-10 Memory Ties training shoelaces (quantity and dollar estimate are subject to change). We offer 50% off shipping for first time customers when order contains 4 or more Memory Ties training shoelaces.


Purchase Orders

We do accept purchase orders. However, we require that an email be sent to us first with the product type(s), quantities for each product listed, billing address, and shipping information so that we can draft a pro forma invoice for your company that includes all fees. Please note, we do not apply any sales tax to orders at this time. We ask that purchase orders be generated based upon the order details in the pro forma invoice and be emailed to